SEO – How To Do SEO Of A Site

SEO Many have wondered How to do SEO of a site. SEO might not be as easy as someone thinks. Let’s say for example you search for something in any search engine. What do you do first? Look for maybe top three, maybe five results. Nobody actually cares after that. For that you need SEO. There are many things to keep in mind.

I will explain by taking one of my commercial site as an example.

Let’s say i have a site


Determining SEO keyword

  • First you should determine what is your site meant for. Is it a business site or a blog or just static page like your portfolio.
  • Then you should determine a specific key word for your site targeting general audience. Lets say my site is a commercial site so i choose a keyword Tech Forum in Nepal
  • After that you should research about the keyword. How competitive it is? Where does your site lie let’s say in google for that key word.
  • Then you should start doing SEO for that keyword.
  • In order to have a good SEO done you should follow these steps:

Promting SEO keyword

1. Title and Meta Tag Optimization
2. Heading and Alt Tag Optimization
3. Content Development
4. W3C Validation
5. Broken Link Fixing
6. MOD-Rewrite of Dynamic URLs
7. Improvements to Navigation and Internal Linking
8. Article Writing and Submission
9. Directory Submission
10. Classified Submission
11. Blog Submission
12. Three Way Link Submission
13. Social Book Marking Services
14. Social Networking Services
15.. PPC Campaign
16. Forum Posting
17. Comment Posting
18. Press Releases
19. Email Marketing

After these steps you have just completed the basic SEO. Even this takes time. Just focus on step 8 to step 14. These are the main steps of getting back links. Continue these steps for a long time untill you get a desired outcome.

Thanks for reading this. Hope this will help you a little bit. I am a rookie in this field so i am just sharing what i know. Feel free to comment and correct me if i am wrong. And yes i know i have missed a lot of points. Thanks again.

Regards, Tech Guru team.

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